TBR {To Be Read} List

Welcome to the reading list!

So! This is basically my big list of books I want to read! This will be split by trilogy, series, and uncompleted series / still hasn’t been released/ stand alones

[ If you want to know what the authors are for certain book just email me]


The Transcend Time Saga (2/3 Read)

Mila 2.0

The Dark World [Not Complete]

Darkness Rising

The Superlatives

Shatter Me

The Infernal Devices (1/3 Read)

Dust Lands

Across The Universe

Burn for Burn

His Fair Assassin

Alienated [Not Complete] (1/3 Read)

Under The Never Sky

Firebird [Not Complete]

Hex Hall

Anna and the French Kiss

The Testing Trilogy

The White Rabbit Chronicles


Daughter of Smoke and Bon

Die for Me

Chaos Walking

Precious Stone


Superlatives [Not Complete]

Graceling Realm

The Taking

The Summer I Turned Pretty Trilogy


Mara Dyer

Broken Hearts, Fences, and Other Things to Mend [Not Complete]

Poison Study

Taken [Not Complete] (2/3 Read)

Mortal Heart [Not Complete]

The Young World [Not Complete]

Shadow and Bone (1/3 Read)

Hush Hush [5]
Uninvited [2] [Not Complete]
The Vampire Diaries [4]
The Lunar Chronicles [4] [Not Complete] (3/4 read)
The Vampire Academy [6]
Death Sworn [2] [Not Complete]
Uglies [4]

The Mortal Instruments [6] (3/6 read)

The Body Finder [4]

Throne Of Glass [6] [Not Complete]

Mind Games [2]

The Raven Cycle [4] [Not Complete]

Lux [5]

Gone [6]

The Program [2]

Proxy [2]

Covenant [5]

The Witch Hunter [2] [Not Complete]

To All The Boys I’ve Loved Before [2] [Not Complete] (1/2 Read)

After the End [2] [Not Complete]

Time Between Us [2]

Death Sworn [2] [Not Complete]

Vivian Apple at the End of the World [2] [Not Complete]

Control [2] [Not Complete]

Struck [2] [Not Complete]

Take Back The Skies [6] [Not Complete]

The Art of Wishing [2] [Not Complete]

Starbound [4] [Not Complete]

Rules of Summer [2]

The Murder Complex [2] [Not Complete]

The Opal Mask [2]

Landry Park [2] [Not Completed]

The Ring and The Crown [2] [Not Complete]

Magisterium [5] [Not Complete]

The Aquarathi [2]

Stand Alone and Authors

{ Any Sara Shepard Book }

The Sky is Everywhere

13 Reasons Why

Eleanor and Park

Where I Belong


What I Thought Was True

Everything Leads To You

{Any Maureen Johnson Book}

Aristotle and Dante Discover The Secrets of The Universe


Grasshopper Jungle

Don’t Look Back

This Is What Happy Looks Like

Lies My Girlfriend Told Me

Coin Heist


{ Any A.S King Book }

Kiss of Broken Glass

Love and Other Foreign Words

Famous In Love

{ Any Sarah Beth Durst Book }

The Art of Lainey

Life by Committee

{ Any Sarah Dessen Book }

Free to Fall

The Taking

The Summer I Found You

The Sound of  Letting Go

The Vault of Dreamers

Say What You Will

Love em or Leave em


Girl Online

Second Chance Summer

The Nerve to Fall

How to Love



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