Recommend a Book!

So you just finished the best book ever and now don’t what to read next. Your friends don’t read much and are likely to recommend John Green, The Hunger Games, or Divergent which you have read over a few times. What do you do? Well you visit the “Recommend a Book!” page. I want everyone to recommend a book they’ve read and loved. It can be any genre. All you need to do is comment the book title, author, age group ( New Adult, YA, Middle Grade, or Childrens ) and  if possible the genre. ( Sci-fi, Romance, Contemporary, Paranormal, ect. ) So get recommending!


8 thoughts on “Recommend a Book!

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  2. I HIGHLY recommend the Foster and Allen series by Megan Duke. The series is YA contemporary. The books are Small Circles, Three-Sixty, Ninety Degrees. The last book comes out December 16th called Infinite Limits. It’s an INCREDIBLE series,, if you haven’t already heard of them.

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