Review Policy and Contact

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Review Policy

I mainly read YA dystopian, contemporary, and romantic contemporary novels. I prefer books with that aren’t paranormal books but if your book doesn’t have too much paranormal activity I will consider it. I do read fantasy as well but it is an iffy genre for me because I do have a little trouble with fantasy but I will consider fantasy. I love marathoning series and trilogies so if you send me a book with a sequel feel free to ask about those too.  When I write a review on a full series I marathoned that will be written in one or two posts depending on how long the series is.

I accept physical and digital copies of ARCS, review copies, and finished copies.

Please note that I have a long list of book waiting to be read so I will try my best to squeeze in time for your book. Once I finish the book I will try my best to post a review around 3 months after I finish the book or before the release date. If i’m not interested to review I will email you tell you i’m not interested and if you need the review posted on a certain date I will try to meet that date with the review.

So when I review a book I am 100% honest. If I disliked the book will try to keep it nice but honest. If you do request a review you can ask for a spoiler-free review, ( a spoiler-free review that is about a paragraph long) a book review ( a review with a spoiler-free section and a spoiler section where I go over the things I like and didn’t like) or a Let’s Talk! ( a spoiler-free review and a spoiler section where I discuss things like events, characters, plot, ect.) If you don’t request a certain kind of review I will automatically write a book review.
I usually will post reviews here but I do occasionally share the links on Goodreads as well.

What to include in your email:




Goodreads URL


I’m happy to work bloggers or author in guest posting. If you would like to guest posting please make sure your topics book or young adult related. Just contact me with a request, your post doesn’t need to be ready when you email me and I will ask for it after I confirm you are guest posting.


You can contact me by email: nextpageplease.kaitlin [at] gmail [dot] com
or you can fill out the contact form below if you have any questions about this blog, book or blog suggestions, requests, or you want to discuss promo.


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