More 2015 Reading Challenges!

I have more reading challenges that I am going to do! If you didn’t see I already said I was doing these 2 challenges and I have some more to add to them! So let’s get to it! c:


This is basically a challenge where you read books by debut authors that are published on 2015! I am going for the bare minimum goal of 12. I don’t know if I can beat that goal because I try not to buy too many books on a yearly basis so I don’t know if I will be able to get those 12 books.

This is my TBR!


This is a challenge where you set a goal on contemporary books you want to read in 2015! Since I am a book contemporary fan I hope I can surpass my goal within the year. I am going to try to read 12 contemporaries this year which is the Peony rank.

Here is my TBR!


This reading challenge is basically where you clear out some books on your TBR and the thing about this challenge is that you can only read books that are basically published before 2015. If you haven’t seen, my TBR list is huuuuge. I am going for the “First Kiss” rank, which is 21-30 books off my TBR.

Here is my whole TBR!


Dive Into Diversity Reading Challenge

This reading challenge is basically to get you to read more diverse books and i’ve only read a couple. I am hoping to fix this within this year because diverse books are probably one of the things I like most about reading and books. Next year I want to read at least 7 diverse books.


tealdivider This challenge is to read a certain amount of fantasy novels within 2015. Now I am definitely not a big fantasy reader and I hope to fix that with this challenge. I read a few fantasy books this year and based on these books alone, I definitely have a rough relationship when it comes to fantasy literature. I want to read at least 10 fantasy books next year.

This is my TBR!

 What challenges will you be doing next year?



One thought on “More 2015 Reading Challenges!

  1. Thanks for joining the YA Contemporary Challenge! Anna and The French Kiss and Second Chance Summer are both amazing reads. I’m also hoping to read What I Thought Was True and Joyride this year. Good luck with all of your challenges 🙂

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