Book/Movie News: Longer Insurgent Trailer!

So a longer trailer of Insurgent dropped today aaand I am here to tell you my thoughts on it.

excited animated GIF

Before the trailer: I’ve seen a few pictures of this trailer and it looks pretty good. Even with the teaser clip of this trailer, which I would unsatisfying, I want to give the producers another chance and maybe they can show me that this movie will be satisfying and worth my money to see.

After trailer: Haha, the producers have done it again. They made a great looking movie but there are just important aspects that they screw up on. The casting is so poorly done looking at Divergent and the Insurgent trailer. I hate how the made Naomi Watts look 22 in this trailer. If  I didn’t know better I would think she was Four’s sister or girlfriend.

There are so many parts of this trailer that I originally thought weren’t in the book. The floating house, TRIS USING A GUN, FOURTRIS HAVING SUCH A STEAMY SCENE, the box! (I can’t remember if that was in the book, but I know I would remember something as important like that. Other than those unfortunate parts, i’m somewhat excited to see Insurgent…hopefully its better that the trailer!

Oh then there is a new poster! I actually kind of like this one. It’s kinda different from Divergent, but this one is pretty cool so thats okay!

It’s like a double mirror and its so cool! I also like how they put the movie details upside down and on the top too.


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