2015 Reading / Blogging Challenges!

So now that 2015 is rolling in in less than a month, we have to do some year long challenges right? He are the ones I am participating in:

The 105 Book Challenge

Basically this book challenge you have to read 105 in the year of 2015. You have 12 categories and the number the category it’s listed is how many books you have to you have to read in that category. Here is my list:

12. 2015 new releases
11. YA Contemporary
10. YA Dystopian
9. ARCs (E or Physical)
8. Debut books (from any year)
7. 2014 new releases
6. Books that were recommended to me (that I had never heard of before)
5. Sequels
4. Re-read books
3. Sequels
2. Books with 3 colors on the covers
1. YA Fantasy

The second 2015 blogging challenge will be

Book Blogger Organization Challenge

This is a challenge that will just help me step up my book blogging game and hopefully attract more readers.

So what 2015 challenges will you guys be doing? Let me know in the comments!



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