Christmas Gifts for Book Lovers: Book Light

Welcome to the first Christmas post this month! This is basically going to be posts where I tell you things that a book lover might want. Some of the are on my wish list some aren’t. Hope you enjoy!

Book Light

A book light is basically what the name indicates..It’s a light for when you read. I have had several occasions where I want to read really late but don’t want my parents to know and I have this really cheap book light that I use but I always preferred the less cheaper ones…

Book lights could be used to make your surroundings brighter when reading and just makes the experience…brighter. You can get a book light from basically any book store or places like Walmart or Target. My favorite place to get it would be Barnes and Noble. I’ve had my eye on this one for awhile. Barnes has the ones that go behind the page, or clip to the book. The one I want stands up so that’s good.


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