Let’s Talk!: The Clique by: Valarie Thomas

The Clique

Author: Valerie Thomas

Source: eBook

Pages: 213

Published on: October 31, 2014

The Clique is the story of Audrey Hughes, and the attempt of a boy to win her over by bringing her down. Manipulating her friends, poisoning her relationships, and tearing at her family; Devon will stop at nothing to get what he wants. But Audrey isn’t so easily ruined. She fights for her friends, pulling closer even when they would push her away.

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picadillyblue non spoiler

I got this book for an honest review from the author and my opinions are not altered by this. This book was very different from the synopsis. It was a pretty good read but it’s definitely not an award winning book. The character development wasn’t very good but the events in this book definitely some juicy events. If you like contemporary books with drama and romance in it, then go read this book!


Yea. I think this book was pretty good but it could have been better. I feel like it was getting cliche and bit lame at some points. Besides those reason I think this book was okay for someone’s first few books. I think this book was more of an event book (where its just things happening left and right) rather than a deep suuuper well written story (speaks for it self eh?). There was just so much stuff going on in this book so let’s get to the discussion!

So first the person who created all this crap..Devon. (If you didn’t know I did a character profile on Devon so….i’ll just leave this here) Now at first I just thought Devon was a creep. Like if you said a simple “Hi” to him he would arrive at your door the same day because he was able to stock you enough to find it. Yeah, that kind of creepy. Then as I read more about the other character’s interactions I started to realize how much a jerk he was and how confused I was on his intentions..well his true intentions. See, this boy is confusing. Then we have the main character herself..Audrey. Now I think she is a pretty smart person..sober. When she drinks, ohhhhh it’s a mess. I think Devon really used the “drunk” thing to his full advantage when messing with her life and it was definitely a disadvantage for her. Kate wasn’t my favorite person in the book. I just felt like she cared more about herself rather than other people. I just didn’t really like her..Then we have Madison. Yeah, I liked this girl. She was so passionate about dancing she was so scared to cheat her way in and felt so bad about it. Then how she still ran for class president even if she lost all 3 years before to the same person. Hannah was okay. I didn’t like her but I didn’t hate her. Honestly I would have liked it if she played more of an actual part in this book rather than a girl who stays sober and is trying to get a boyfriend. Gabe was honestly a pretty good boyfriend compared to Sean. Sean was just a straight out jerk. He had a girlfriend who liked him and ignores her for her best friend, when she has already has a boyfriend! Yeah, the moment he told Audrey that he loved her I was done with this guy.

And now we have all this couple drama and why is it all between Audrey and someone. I think Audrey and Gabe were a really good couple other than the pressuring thing…That was a very jerky move that knocked off some points of me liking him. Then Sean and Audrey were just a thing I would slam this book down if it ever happened…period. I think the overall writing was okay. It could have been better and that is something I look forward to in this author.

(3.5 /5)



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