Mockingjay Part 1 Movie Review!

Sooo I didn’t really cry during this movie. Well I teared up really badly but I didn’t sob. Now since The Hunger Games franchise is really successful and well produced movies I wasn’t very surprised when this movie reached my expectations. Mockingjay has always been people’s least favorite book but for some reason I always like Catching Fire and Mockingjay at the same degree. I liked the casting of this movie even though some of the characters were very different in the movie than the book. Especially Annie…Did anyone not like the casting for Annie? I really liked the casting for Cressida and Coin because the “rebel” feel with those two characters were just so natural and great. Unfortunately I didn’t read Mockingjay before seeing the movie and I can barely remember anything about the book. Yeah, I regret not reading the book before watching the movie.

~The Section of Random~

  • So Peeta. It hurt so much to see him become more and more skinny, hurt, weak and so tortured by the capitol. I mean he was on my shirt that day! By the end of the movie it was just horrible how damaged he looked and Josh made everything seem so legitimate!
  • I think Jennifer’s hair looked pretty real to me since she was wearing a wig this movie.
  • I gosh i’m not ready for Prim in the next movie.
  • I was pretty satisfied with the part where the movie cut off since you could have done it when Peeta attacked Katniss.
  • Why was Gale everywhere Katniss was?
  • Finnick’s reunion with Annie was so cute I was jealous.


Thanks for reading! Hope you enjoyed!


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