Booktubers! And who you should watch! :)

Booktube! Ah booktube. Booktube is one of my favorite type of videos because it on YouTube, something I love, and it’s about books! Something I also love (as you can see). This post is to tell you about some of my favorite Booktubers. Booktube is honestly for everyone but if you are a new Bookaholic Booktube and book bloggers are the best way to get some new books in your TBR list. This is just a list of Booktubers that I watch and how I would describe them.


polandbananasBOOKS (Christine)

Christine was probably the first Booktuber I watched. She is so happy and jumpy in her videos and it is always so interesting to watch her jump around while she gushes about something in a book. She has very reasonable opinions in her videos and I love her video editing. She has a bit of profanity in her videos but they are here in the videos so it’s not too bad.

| Youtube Channel |

Katytastic (Kat)

Kat is someone that I definitely like watching from. She is so funny but can be so calm at the same time. Her taste in books  are great and she makes such fun videos to watch. She does fun tags and challenges next to book reviews and discussions.

| Youtube Channel |

PeruseProject (Regan)

Regan is such a cute BookTuber to watch from. She has great book hauls, discussion videos, and tags/challenges. She is a lover of all genres (like all other BookTubers) and she is a great person to get book recommendations from.

| Youtube Channel |

Ariel Bissett (Ariel)

Ariel is one of my favorite Booktubers because she can have the most weirdest opinion or an opinion that a lot of people may disagree with but she’s not afraid to show to people that she has an opinion. She is so humble and has a very unique way to look at different situations.

| Youtube channel |

jessethereader (Jesse)

Jesse is a goofy guy and hilarious guy. Let’s just leave it here, you don’t know how many hilarious screenshots of him i’ve taken in videos because he is just that goofy and funny. Check him out. You won’t regret it.

| Youtube channel |

Tashapolis (Natasha)

Natasha doesn’t only do books..oh no. She talks about movies, tv, and does a few beauty videos. She does a ton of coverage at book to movie adaptation events since she lives in LA. She basically covers all things books…even the hot authors out there 😉

| Youtube channel |


LovingDemBooks (Grace)

vincentvanstop (Katie)

abookutopia (Sasha)

abookaffair (Ali)

thebookbasement (Sophia)

Kassidy Voinche (Kassidy)


Thanks for reading! Hope you enjoyed!



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