Insurgent Movie Trailer!

So the Insurgent trailer just dropped! I am writing this post before and after the viewing of this. So here is the trailer and read my reaction to it!

-After viewing trailer-

Wow…wooow. That was a pretty boring trailer to be honest. It wasn’t the best. I feel like they used too many slow motion clips and the wording in between the clip just didn’t add the suspense and dramatic effect I think it was made to do. Honestly, I wish they didn’t try to make it so dramatic and if the clip wasn’t dramatic enough then they didn’t do a good job with the clip. I guess they sugar coated it too much and it didn’t end well.

Now a poster also was released and here it is:

First thing I thought when I saw this poster? Hunger Games. Now I do like how it is coordinated with the trailer but is it me or does this poster look too close to the Hunger Games: Catching Fire poster?

Like I feel like it’s only me that feels that way. The way how they are both standing on top of something and how the sky is. They both look like they’ve been painted from the picture and I know you could say “Just because the Catching Fire poster was released first doesn’t mean Divergent copied it,” and I understand that but I feel like they should have though of the fact that it looks like the Catching Fire and they should have done something less Hunger Gamesey. Just my thoughts. Let me know yours by commenting! I would really like to hear them.


Thanks for reading! Hope you enjoyed!


2 thoughts on “Insurgent Movie Trailer!

  1. Ugh, that trailer was AWFUL! And I kind of agree with you about the posters! At first I didn’t even notice Tris on the top of it and thought it was kind of ok, then when I took in the whole picture it really does feel like a copy of the Hunger Games poster (which wasn’t really anybody’s favorite poster, either, was it?)

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