Character Profile: The Clique by: Valarie Thomas (and Giveaway!)

The Clique

The Clique is the story of Audrey Hughes, and the attempt of a boy to win her over by bringing her down. Manipulating her friends, poisoning her relationships, and tearing at her family; Devon will stop at nothing to get what he wants. But Audrey isn’t so easily ruined. She fights for her friends, pulling closer even when they would push her away.

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The following is a character profile for Devon Rose, antagonist of upcoming novel The Clique.

Character Profile: Devon

Devon is clever, the kind of boy who always wins at chess… And more importantly, the kind who’s learned that, with the right strategy, he can have anything he wants. When he meets Audrey, the heroine of the novel, he becomes infatuated with her. She represents something that he can’t have.

Not only because she’s taken by another, but because she wouldn’t accept him even if they were both single. Audrey is the kind of girl that can turn heads, and Devon is a boy who—quite simply—couldn’t. The first love of his life turned him down cold, laughing at the idea of dating him. Devon learned several things from that, not the least of which is that the only way to win at love is to use everything he has.

So when he falls hard for Audrey, he vows not to repeat past mistakes. He looks at himself, and decides that his main trait, this monumental cleverness, is the strongest weapon he has in the battle for her affection. Devon crafts a plan whereby he can turn Audrey’s life into a chess game, forcing her to lose her friends, break up with her boyfriend, and become estranged from her family. He wants to bring her down, to a point where he might not seem so bad. To a point where he can win her.

His psyche when it comes to girls verges on sociopathic, or at least apathetic. He is more interested in the idea of Audrey than the girl herself, mostly due to the stream of women his divorced father brings home. From his father, Devon has learned that women are about as worthwhile as the validation they provide, like a fancy sports car or large house.

A clever sociopath, and he’s set his sights on Audrey. Devon makes the first move, and the game begins. I’d tell you who wins, but that’s a longer story. A 220 page one, in fact.

To purchase or preorder The Clique, click here. By Valerie Thomas, author of The Clique. She can usually be found on her blog.



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