Event Recap: Marie Lu Book Signing

So I recently went to Marie Lu’s book signing for The Young Elites. I have been a fan of Marie Lu for awhile now and was so excited to attend her signing. It started at 6 but lining up started at 5 so I got there at 4:45, got number 7 in line because of that. Boom! And that’s now you make the best of a book signing. (Get there early…haha) I was talking to some people then Marie walks into the store and I uncontrollably gasped and the lady bringing her in had to shush me…opps. People were taking pictures with her and talking to her and I even got an early picture. 😀

So more people come and I talk to some more people. The bookstore gets louder and louder and I am just amazed on the diversity of people that came. There were teens that were both boys and girls and there were older people who were either media or were just fans of the books. I love how it isn’t just teen girls at the signing and honestly I wasn’t expecting so many different people to be at the signing but that’s a different topic for later. So the signing started and it was basically a Q+A. I did record most of the Q+A and if I decided to upload it then the video will be at the end of the post along with a vlog. So watch that if you want to see my face and the book signing in video form!

So after the Q+A it was the signing. Now since I got to the bookstore super early, as I mentioned before, and it was pretty quick. I was able to get my Legend trilogy, The Young Elites, and Legend for my friend signed. During that time I literally had a small talk with Marie and asked her some questions and how her day was…and just being not awkward. And I succeeded. It was an anti-awkward conversation! I also got another picture from her at the table also.

My friend and I waiting in line with our books to get signed!

So that was my night! I hope you guys enjoyed this post and I made a little vlog for you guys! Here is the vlog and the Q+A from the signing!


Thanks for reading! Hope you enjoyed!

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