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Hey everyone! I thought I would do this little tag because today’s post were all promo stuff so I needed to something that wasn’t promo. So here it is! I am also going to be doing tags every month so if you have any tags you want me to do make sure to comment it.

So this post was inspired by Lauren from Bookmark Lit. You can check it out here! Let’s get to the tag.

What are your top three book hates?

I always hate it when

a) You lend a book to someone and they just cannot take care of it.

b) Waiting a year for a book when the author left you hanging.

c) Spoilers.

Describe your perfect reading spot.

My perfect reading spot is probably on my bed, in the car, or on my dad’s friend’s couch which is so comfy! I usually will either sit on top of my bed when reading or tucked into the blankets…especially when it’s cold.. 🙂

Tell us three book confessions.

1)…..I judge books by covers. Yes I know. “Never judge a book by it’s cover,” but honestly it’s so hard. I’m not going to stop and read all the synopsis(es) in a bookstore because it’s too many. I look at the cover and if it catches my eye then I’ll look at the synopsis. I’ll also judgeby title when i’m looking at spines. The thing is the cover is made to be eye catching so if the cover isn’t eye catching…sucks.

2) I don’t do paranormal. Sometimes fantasy. I know being a book blogger you should read everything but paranormal I just can’t read. I can’t. It’s something I just can’t read. It takes me so long and it’s a slim chance I will actually enjoy. Now as fantasy goes….I can read certain ones. Some get boring but fantasy I can’t live through.

3) Hunger Games got me reading. I was in 4th grade when I got into Hunger Games and that just got me into reading. I then read Matched and Cinder and later Harry Potter. So I wasn’t the earliest person but hey! I’m here now. Reading. Being hipster. 😀

When was the last time you cried during a book?

Now when I read books….I usually don’t start sobbing but…I tear up. (If that counts…?) The last time I teared up was 2 days ago. I teared up…not cried. But legitimately cried was in May….

How many books are on your bedside table?

1. It just sits there for decoration. Just for decoration. Not reading. Decoration.

What is your favorite snack to eat while you are reading?

I try not to eat while eating. It prevents me from reading because I only have one hand…so I don’t eat. It’s very rare…trust me.

Name three books you would recommend to anyone.

I would recommend to anyone Since You’ve Been Gone by: Morgan Matson; Legend by: Marie Lu; and Let’s Get Lost by: Adi Alsaid.

Show us a picture of your favorite shelf on your bookcase.

Favorite shelf….this one.

Only because my favorite are on there.

Write what books mean to you in three words.

Three words………

Explore; I get to explore different worlds or situation in every book

Diverse; Each story is different and the stories are never exactly the same.

Stories; There is a story in book 🙂

What is your biggest reading secret?

Ahhhmmmm…..biggest reading secret…. Okay. I have the tendency to skim descriptions in a book and read mostly the dialogue. I know thats bad but it’s not as bad now. It used to be done a lot but not anymore so I actually read the whole page now…


Thanks for reading! Hope you enjoyed!


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One thought on “The Book Blogger Test Tag

  1. Great responses!
    I agree on the reading location part.. Sitting on or in my bed is definitely one of my favorites.
    I think judging books by covers can be important. If the designer is doing their job, the cover should reflect what’s going on in the book and make readers want to open it up! If covers didn’t matter, every book’s cover would be a plain color with the title 😉

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