If I Stay Movie Review

Written: August 24  Published: Whenever it was published

So I just got back from watching If I Stay….and hoooollly crap. If you haven’t seen the movie then leave. Thank you!

Wow. This was probably one of my favorite book to movie adaptations. I loved the way this was written, the casting was so great and everything about it got me so much into the feel of If I Stay.  The one thing I didn’t like about this was how awkward it was going through transitions between the past and now. I felt like it could have been smoother than how it actually was. It was just very choppy. At one time it was happy then it got sad then happy again and that was just not my favorite thing…

The chemistry between movie Adam and Mia was great. If they screwed that up then the whole entire movie would have been screwed up. I loved the chemistry and it seemed so legit. Some on the parts where I was crying was partly because Mia had so much and so many opportunities and then lost it pretty quickly…

( Haha. They look there’s me! Fresh from the theater….and tears….i’m trying my best to hide my puffy eyes….. :D)

I loved the casting a lot. Chloe was perfect. Jamie’s acting portrayed Adam fantastically. Even the Mia’s family was so greatly casted! The acting was on point! The costumes and makeup were great. My feels. My emotions. The amount of shivering and crying going on in that movie theater was not healthy. I was crying on and off and was sobbing by the end. I was crying when they had that little montage of people visiting Mia in the hospital and the Best Day scene. Then there was the part where Mia was getting out of coma….oh gosh. That was when I started sobbing so badly I had to hold back on sobbing sounds until the credits rolled in. So…yea. This was sad. Tell me in the poll how was your tear level during the movie!

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