Let’s Talk!: Dear Nobody: The True Diary of Mary Rose by: Mary Rose

Dear Nobody: The True Diary of Mary Rose

Go Ask Alice was a hoax. But Dear Nobody is a true teen diary so raw and so edgy its authenticity rings off every page

“I am a freak.”

The words and drawings of Mary Rose present a gritty, powerful, no-holds-barred true experience of a teen girl so desperate to be loved, so eager to fit in that she’ll go to extremes that could cost her her life.

This is not a story about addiction. Or sexual promiscuity. Or cystic fibrosis. It’s the story of a young woman with a powerful will to live, who more than anything wants to be heard…and loved.

This compelling, emotional account ensures her voice will not be forgotten.

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Okay…wow. This was a pretty decent book considering that it was a diary. The narrator is writing in a diary and she has a very interesting life. There really isn’t much to say because well…it was a diary. Other than the main character got annoying at some points I think this would be a good book to read if you’re going through some tough times. This book deals with some sensitive topics such as abuse, drugs, and has foul language.


Where do I even begin? Okay well first I really liked reading this book. It was not bad. Again this was a diary so no one ever intended it to be a book. Let me just say Mary’s life is messed up. Very messed up. She has a lung problem, drug problem, and parent problems. Yeah..life was tough. I did get a little annoyed how she was blaming people for her lungs and stuff even though she could have helped a little of ir my not taking drugs and drinking so often. I honestly cannot say too much about this book because there is not much to say. I mean this girl had a messed up life and I guess it would be rude to complain about it because well..her life was messed up.



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Gillian McCain and  Legs McNeil


Legs McNeil:

Roderick Edward “Legs” McNeil (b. 1956 in Cheshire, Connecticut), is the co-founder and a writer for Punk Magazine. He is also a former senior editor at Spin Magazine, and the founder and editor of Nerve magazine (print only; 1992).

Thanks for reading! Hope you enjoyed! (Sorry this review wasn”t very long…I didn’t want to talk too much about this story. Hope you understand)


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