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Fourteen-year-old twins Minty and Jess are inseparable. Maybe they bicker now and then, even crave a bit of space once in a while. But they have a connection. Unbreakable. Steadfast. Nothing can tear them apart. Until a family trip to the coast puts their bond in jeopardy. As Minty tries to rescue her dog from drowning she ends up fighting for her life. Will Minty survive? If she doesn’t, how will Jess cope without her? Only the stormy sea has the answer.
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Dad tears up to the old ruined tower, dashes inside and seconds later darts out yelling something to Mum who, by now, has caught him up.

I run faster.

When I draw nearer, I see Dad scramble down the rocks closer to the water’s edge.

Hear him bellow something at Mum.

See Mum scuttle over the rocks towards him.

Hear Romulus let out an unearthly howl.

See Mum peer over Dad’s shoulder.

Hear her scream.

What’s going on? What’s happened now? And where the frig is Jess?

When he twists round to Mum, Dad’s face is the colour of turned milk. “Phone an ambulance! Quick!”

Then he swings back. Slithers to where the sea meets the land. Holds onto a ledge. Reaches out into the waves. And, with a mighty heave, pulls something out of the water.

It’s a person, a teenager, I guess – a girl probably. Dressed in torn blue denims and a red jacket that’s ripped and sodden. A teenager whose long dark hair dangles over one shoulder like tangled brown seaweed as Dad struggles to pick her up.

So it’s not just us, Remus. Somebody else’s fallen in, too. How unlucky can one day get?

“Help me, Mary!” Dad bawls.

Mum drops her mobile on the ground and, crying, sliding and stumbling, she reaches Dad and

helps him haul that poor teen up onto dry land.

They’ve just managed to get the girl up off the rocks onto the grass when I catch up with them.

“Omigod! What’s happened?” I shriek, my gaze trained on the bruises behind the woven-leather bracelets on the teenager’s upturned wrist.

Mum is beside herself, crying and shaking all over like she’s the one who’s just come out of the

water. Romulus lies at the foot of the tower’s steps, eerily silent, his golden head on his front paws. Why

isn’t Jess with him?

“What’s going on, Mum?” I say, trying to catch her arm. But she doesn’t seem to notice me. It’sprobably the shock of seeing that poor sod getting dragged out of the sea.

I shiver. God, that could so easily have been me.

By now, Dad has got the kid on her back and is giving her mouth-to-mouth. He puffs air into her lungs, leans back, counts, and tries again. And again. And again. But it’s no good.

“No!” he yells out across the water.

He shakes his head. Sits back on his heels, panting. Mum falls on him, moaning and sobbing.

I can’t get a good look at the girl’s face from this angle; don’t know if I want to, really. But I move round to take a look anyway.

Then Mum screams, and I mean really screams. They must be able to hear her across the Forth in North Berwick.

“Mum,” I say, reaching out to comfort her. But already she’s on her knees, bending over that poor lifeless kid.

But…where’s Jess?

Why isn’t she here? What can have—

Then it strikes me – that girl’s wearing a red jacket.

A black t-shirt!

Skinny jeans!

God, no, it can’t be. They’re Jess’s clothes. The ones she was wearing today!

No! It’s just a coincidence! Jess went for help. Didn’t she? This isn’t her. Is it? God, don’t let it be.

Mum’s hunched over the girl, stroking her hair. Hair I recognize. Dark hair just like—


non spoiler
Wow. This was a pretty good book. I really liked how it was based and how it was written. The character development was great especially since there is a set of twins in this book and you want to make sure that you individualize each person so they aren’t the same. There were actually at some points where I was tearing up, so that’s how intact emotionally to this book I was. I really liked where this book went and how the sequence was. This book did get a tad bit boring at one point but that was only because it was building up and that can get boring just to get you excited. There was the family aspect, death, dealing with a death. I think this was a great book to start off you writing career and I hope I can read book as good as this when trying a new author.
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about the author

Christina Banach

Christina Banach is a former head teacher who lives in Scotland, UK, with her husband and their two rescue dogs. She loves walking; delicious food and wine; evenings at the theatre; exploring new places; surfing the Net; listening to music; and anything that makes her laugh. Plus she has a bit of a thing about shoes and handbags. She loves reading, and is especially keen on young adult and children’s fiction (all those years buying for school libraries!).

She is currently working on her next novel.

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