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The Lost Kingdom

A Prophecy made long ago, announced the arrival of the new Ladies of Elements.
And now almost a millennia later, it finally came true …
All her life Arima thought she knew who and what she was. That is until the day of her sixteenth birthday came and her world is turned upside down, when she’s told she’s not a White Witch but Lady Spirit. And that she is the one that has been foretold, will unite the Five Ladies of Elements once again and save Ilendia and the Other Lands from Ahriman, the Demon King.
At first Arima refuses to accept her new fate, but when Shanums come and destroy her village and kill her loved ones, she has no choice but to flee and fall right into the destiny she never wanted.
As she grudgingly starts her journey into the unknown, she is accompanied by her unicorn familiar Sirrim, Blythe, a Vampire with a dark past and Myrddin, a mysterious Ljosalfar.
And the longer her journey lasts, the more Arima begins to realise that she can’t escape her own destiny and she must learn to control her powers and learn to be a Lady for the sake of the Sisters she doesn’t know and the people of Ilendia and the Other Lands.
However, things get more complicated when Arima comes into the possession of a key. Her instincts compel her to go towards danger when she discovers that the key she holds, can unlock the legendary kingdom of Eléssima, the home of the Ladies of Elements.
She will have to make the choice to follow her instincts …
…or stay on the path that has been laid out for her.

Series: The Elements #1
Release date: April 28th 2014
Purchase: Amazon



She was rudely interrupted in her trip down memory lane when she heard the sound of a branch breaking. She looked to the source of the sound and was met with the smirking face of Sabre, who was leaning casually against a tree trunk.

Arima did the thing any other sensible young woman would do when confronted with a situation like that.

She gave a high-pitched scream. Arima immediately submerged her body fully in the steaming water.

“What the fuck are you doing here!” she shouted at him, her head turning as red as a tomato. “Go the hell away, you … you pervert!” Sabre held up his hands in mock surrender.

“Such a sensitive little shrew. Trust me, there ain’t nothin’ I haven’t seen before,” the Werewolf grinned.

Arima glared at him. She grabbed the cloth lying next to the hot spring but then realized Sabre was still looking at her.

“Turn around. Now,” she snarled at him.

The Werewolf rolled his eyes but did as she demanded and turned his back to her. Making sure he was not peeking somehow, Arima stepped out of the hot spring and wrapped the cloth around herself. She was barely covered when Blythe appeared from behind the trees.

“Sabre, I asked you to warn Arima that the food was ready. You could have easily done that while standing behind the trees,” He glared disapprovingly at the Werewolf.

Sabre chuckled. “But this was so much more fun.”

Arima wanted to kill him. “What are you two idiots doing standing there anyway?

Both of you get lost right now before I maim you!” Arima shouted to the two men.

Arima didn’t need to say it twice. Without a word, Blythe grabbed Sabre roughly by the ear and dragged him away.

about the author


Stephanie Beerden

Stephanie Beerden was born on Friday the 13th (no joke, she really was) in a small city called Genk in Belgium. She has always been fascinated with the occult, magic and books. Her childhood and teen years were filled with reading lots and lots of books and imagining what life would be like as a vampire. Until one day she decided that she wanted to try her hand at writing her own books and that was the beginning of her writing adventure.

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Thanks for reading! Hope you enjoyed!

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