Why I changed to WordPress, what’s new, future plans?! (+ YouTube Update)

Welcome to the new blog! It’s very close to finished but there will be some small changes coming so just hang tight and by the end of this month everything should be set. So let’s get  into the mini tour!



So? What’s new? Well i’ll tell you what’s new.


So I decided to change my name. Originally I intended for my blog to be  like a life blog but it started to be heading toward books so I kept my name Kaitlin’s World. Now that I changed my blog I decided to change my name so its now YA, YA and More YA. You could also spell it just Ya,Ya and more Ya. Abbreviation is YYaMY. [YA-MY]

>Pages Guide

So most of the pages are here but we I did add some.


>Book Extras [Takes you to Kaitlin’s World Book Extras]

> TBR { To Be Read} List

> Interviews [An index of all interviews on Kaitlin’s World and YYaMY] <—— NEW!

>Promotional Post  [An index of all book blitz, book blast, and cover reveals!]  <—— NEW!

> Review Index

> Review Policy and Contact

>Recommend a Book! [Looking for another book to read? Comment a book and find your next book to read. More deets on the page. :)] <—— NEW! 

> About

>Weekly Newsletter [Sign-up to get a recap of the week on YYaMY] <—— NEW!


So layout was a huge change because WordPress and Weebly are two different websites so they will have different layouts.


So the sidebar widgets are different now. Everything is here but I do have a blog button now! Yay!

> Posts

If you saw my posts have these banners now.

spoilers non spoiler about the author interview

They will be in posts now! I think it makes posts a lot more organized and colorful!


I have a sorta logo now. It is the picmoney tree.


I think this tree is so cute and books come from trees so I wanted to honor trees. That’s my logo now!

Why I Changed to WordPress

This is why I changed to WordPress…Weebly was great. Honestly I wouldn’t mind staying to Weebly but there were some limitations. I couldn’t get much help, no search bar, ect. I decided to change and had to choose between blogger and wordpress. I went with wordpress but then decided to change to blogger. After a while with blogger I got frustrated with it and moved back to wordpress. So now I’m here. If you have any suggestions on something I should add, change or fix just contact me and I will take your suggestion into consideration.

YouTube Update

So there is a new YouTube channel. Here is the link..https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCp2eAKTKN9NeYSkSXpc-qgw. Since it’s july it’s Booktube-a-thon month so I will be posting videos there for this read a thon. make sure to subscribe!

Future Plans

So! What are my future plans. Well i’m planning on making either a collab blog or a [another] separate blog without books. I don’t know. I will definitely be telling you guys about that but that won’t be happening for a while so…

Thanks for reading! I really hope you like this blog, make sure to sign-up for the weekly newsletter, and make sure to recommend a book!


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